Lighting Your Pilot

Lighting your pilot light on your gas fireplace/log system is a simple task but can be intimidating to most homeowners. We understand this fact and will be glad to come out and perform this service for a flat fee of $120. This includes lighting your pilot light as well as providing you with the knowledge to be able to operate your gas fireplace/log system in the future. We will also answer any questions you may have about your gas fireplace/log system.

We suggest you call us first. Most of the time we can simply walk you through the process by phone and save you the $120 fee. Lighting instructions are illustrated in the Owner’s Manual that is provided to you after we install your system. If your manual has been discarded or lost, please call for a replacement

We highly recommend the owner be present when we install/set up the gas fireplace/log system the first time. We can show you exactly how to light your pilot and answer key questions you may have at that point and in the future. This simple 10-minute walk-through will save you money down the road and give you a level of confidence that you can perform this procedure on your own.

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